Stepmom Success Lab

with Tracy Poizner 

A 4-week crash-course in The Womanly Art Of Raising Someone Else's Kids!

Starting April 14 - Early Bird Sale Starts Soon!

Enroll in Stepmom Success Lab if you want to:

Find Your Place As A Stepmom

 Feel confident in your role because you know exactly when to step up to the forefront as well as how to slide gracefully out of the way.  

Connect With His Kids On A New Level

Practise new strategies for effective discipline and setting boundaries - without feeling wicked!

Meet Your Tribe: You're Not Alone In This

 Share your challenges with other stepmoms and watch your collective struggles turn to wins!  

Here's what participants are saying about Stepmom Success Lab:

"For the first time in years, I feel validated and not crazy for feeling the way I do. Your information is great, easy to understand and so helpful! "(K.S)

"I have implemented at least half of the things from this course and it has helped immensely. Our household runs more smoothly." (R.P)

"The program was excellent... I gained a lot of my sanity back just in the first session alone!"(Anon. Stepmom)

"So, so great. I'm loving this! This course has helped me so much... I feel like every stepmom in the world should take this course! (A.G)

This program is packed with value!

Lifetime access to all materials!

You'll be able to come back and listen again any time to access solutions to new and unforseen challenges in your family as they arrive.

Your personal questions answered!

In our intimate Zoom Q&A sessions, I will personally guide you in real time as you implement these new ideas and tweak them to suit your own household.

Special "Members Only" SlackChat group

Your privacy is ensured. Relax and speak your truth in this intimate, protected space outside social media.

Here's A Sneak Peek inside Stepmom Success Lab:

  • Module 1: The Basic Building Blocks For A Happy Blended Family  

Learn my 7 Essential Elements for every long-lasting stepfamily and how to incorporate them into your family.

  • Module 2: Making Space For You - Getting Your Needs Met  

Try out a new approach to feeling accepted and valued in your stepfamily.

  • Module 3: The Step-Parenting Tools That Get Better Results With Way Less Effort!  

✅ Sample strategies and responses to tough situations will make everything easier than you thought possible.

  • Module 4: How To Stay In Control Of Your Home Life Despite Any Sort Of Bio-mom!  

✅ Stop letting a former partner disturb your peace; learn how to keep your cool and your dignity!

  • New! BONUS MODULE: Reversing Stepmom Burnout - Restore Your Energy, Your Relationships, And Your Mood!  

✅ Gone past your own limits? It happens to the best of us. Learn my 4-step process to turn it around and keep your stepmom life sustainable.

This course is for you if:

>>> You're ready to learn the best approach to discipline as a step-parent of toddlers or teens 

>>> You'd love to take the guesswork out of finding your role as a stepmom  

>>> You can't wait to feel the confidence of knowing you're on the right track  

>>> You believe that sooner is better than later for getting your ongoing step-family challenges sorted out 

>>> You know what a difference some personalized support can make in your life.

That's A Whole Lotta Priceless Support For Just $247 !

Yes, I'm in! 
Early-Bird Bonuses You Don't Want To Miss! 


LIVE session with Lori Sims ( A "Nacho" Role-Play Workshop!

Bonus #2

Recorded module with stepmom and teacher of Modern Buddhism, Duda Baldwin (Little School of Buddhism) who will offer specific guidance to start your own meditation practice anywhere, anytime. PLUS a live Q&A session where Duda will answer your personal questions and lead the exact guided meditation you need to hear!

Still have some questions? 

Q: What if I don't have time to do it now?

A: No problem, you have lifetime access to all materials. Don't forget, you can also listen on the go with the "listen-only" audio version.

Q: How do I know these tips will work for me and my family?

A: If you come to the live Q&A sessions, we'll custom-fit everything to your unique situation. 

Q: It's expensive. What if I can't afford it? 

A: I believe that you're worth the investment! I also know that the first step in being valued by others is to value yourself. Let others see you making your happiness a top priority. If finances are tight, limited scholarships are available on a needs basis. Reach out to me more information.

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Tracy Poizner is a mom, a divorced mom, a bio-mom and a step mom. She has first-hand experience at everything from long-distance visitation and parental alienation to full-time step-parenting and is grateful to her step-kids for helping her learn the ropes!  

Through her blog and podcast at and her Facebook group "The Spectacular Stepmom" Tracy has become known for her outside-the-box approach to solving day-to-day problems of stepmom life. No stranger to unconventional thinking, she worked for 20 years in the alternative health care field and now combines her thirst for deep understanding with a passion for preparing stepmoms to be successful on this emotionally challenging, intensely rewarding life path.